Xbox one games on sale black friday: Black Friday 2018 gaming deals

4K TVs continue to tumble in price, and Black Friday is always HUGE business for TV retailers as they look to shift stock ahead of 2019’s models. 2018 has seen even more sources of 4K content open up, and as the number of PS4 Pro and Xbox One X owners grows, the potential customer pool for 4K TVs is getting larger every day. Expect Black Friday to bring high-end 4K tech into semi-affordable price ranges – in other words, if you fancy an OLED or QLED TV, you’ll likely be able to pick on up for less than $1000 (or maybe even $800) on Black Friday / Cyber Monday. That, by the way, would be an AMAZING deal. If you’re unsure what the advantages of OLED and QLED are, here’s our guide to LG’s OLED 4K TVs , and Samsung’s QLED 4K TVs . They’re both brilliant for gaming.

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