Wwe undertaker plays mind games with kane: The Best And Worst Of WWF WrestleMania XIV

Finally, I have to come to the defense of Undertaker/Kane here as it is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated wrestling matches of all time. It’s not a technical masterpiece or anything like that but the psychology and the story of it is brilliant. I also include the story leading up to a match in my opinion of the match itself so by that measure, this is one of the 50 greatest matches of all time as far as I’m concerned. But also the story within the match–not only has Undertaker met his match but perhaps even his superior. They note that Kane is bigger than him from the beginning and Kane spends most of his time just wailing on Taker as Taker covers up and tries not to die. He even pulls him up from an attempted pin because he’s been waiting for this his entire life and he wants to make Taker suffer. Taker only wins by using his only advantages: his experience and his quickness. And I LOVE the ending where Kane becomes (at least according to the announcers) the first person to ever kick out of a tombstone, then kicks out of ANOTHER tombstone, then Taker hits a THIRD tombstone AND in the rarest of moments, doesn’t go for the ceremonial burial pin but instead does a classic lateral press and *hooks the leg* and Kane STILL almost kicks out like a split second after the ref counts three. That’s fucking beautiful.

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