Ss bin files for xbox 360 games: Face-Off: Saints Row 4: Re-Elected

Indeed, besides the ‘fixed’ ambient occlusion in Gat out of Hell on Xbox One, there are no other notable rendering differences between the expansion and the main Saint’s Row 4 game. Both titles are using the same engine, featuring the same graphical upgrades and alterations, although the change in setting means that the environments are drastically different. The clean streets of SR4’s Steel Port are replaced in Gat out of Hell with a dark ruined city in the heart of a volcanic wasteland. The representation of Hell actually appears to be based on Steel Port – and feels strangely familiar – but with changes to the landscape carved out by collapsed buildings and rocky islands surrounded by a sea of lava. Weather conditions also change in real-time too, adding to the drama: as you drive further into town and away from the volcanically active part of hell, ash descends from the sky and the atmosphere darkens to form a ruinous environment that looks and feels battered by conflict and the elements.

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