How to make scratched xbox games work: Wrongworld: A Surreal and Ridiculous Take on the Survival Genre

“I can do a local co-op and get around some of those issues with the way the game is built. For full multiplayer I’d probably have to go down the Don’t Starve Together route, where they re-develop it pretty much from scratch as a separate standalone version, given for free to owners of the original game. It really is about 60% of the game that I think I would need to redo with networking in mind. Plus, I have no experience whatsoever of doing that, so it’d be back to the brute-forcing drawing board to figure out how to do it. But it’s on my list for the future; local co-op, shortish term. Full multiplayer, about as long term as you can get in terms of the development of the game. I still will be, without fail, working on Wrongworld exclusively for the next year. Beyond that, we’ll see.”

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