Can 3ds games be played on regular ds: Nintendo Wants To Be An Entertainment Company, Rather Than A Gaming One

To some degree, greed aside, it’s a maturation of the industry, too, though. It used to be a console came out, you’d get your set of games or so that forever live on that box, and then in a few years a new box comes out with a new set of games. The old ones were discarded and obsolete. We’re finally at a point in the game industry where it’s old enough and starting to operate like traditional media: Just because it’s 5, 10, 20, 30 years old doesn’t mean you don’t want to play it, re-play it, get a new release "from the valult" etc. We have ancient games selling hand in hand with "new" games just fine, like film and music (Nobody stopped buying the Beatles because Taylor Swift happened…..nobody needs to stop buying FF9 because FF Route 66 happened.) So some of the drop in output is just a maturation of the industry at large. Diablo 3, Skyrim aren’t less desirable now than they were before.

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